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Founded in 2017, TESTA Group is a holding company that seeks to ensure
the long-term sustainable development of each of its companies by
investing in human capital, innovation and technology with the main
objective of delivering excellence in products and services.

The Group has developed an integrated business model whose
combination of agility, investment and responsibility has driven the rapid
growth of its companies.

chairman’s message

For over 40 years, the strength that drives us as a Group has been based on the certainty that the value we deliver to our customers is proportional to the dedication and investment we place into the development of our products and the quality of our services.

The Group’s success is fully linked to our entrepreneurial culture, the agility and dedication of our more than 500 employees, and the integrity and ethics of our business conduct.

Thanks to our strategy and determination, we have extensive resources and a financial structure that allows us to continually invest in our companies in order to increasingly consolidate their leading market positions.

Pedro Morgado
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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The Group guarantees the development of each of its companies, respecting their identity and autonomy and providing all the necessary resources for them to grow and have a positive impact on all the markets in which they operate.

All the actions of the Group and its employees reflect our commitment to delivering excellence, respecting the trust placed in us by our customers and partners.

Core values shared by all Group companies:
– Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
– Innovation
– Excellence
– Leadership & Entrepreneurship Spirit
– Social & Environmental Responsibility
– Professional training and development


Our aim is to be a forerunner of exceptional customer service by investing time in understanding our customers’ needs in order to meet them using our in-depth industry knowledge, manufacturing experience and technical know-how.

We are committed to delivering products and services that exceed our customers’ needs, expectations and add value to projects.


Our long-term vision is intrinsically directed towards the constant investment in technology and innovation in order to go further towards our goals.

Through research and development, we continue to evolve and enrich our products and services, being one step ahead in the business areas in which we operate.

our history

  • 1989


    -Foundation of TRIA Portugal.

  • 2008


    -Acquisition of BACH, the leading Spanish producer of fire and smoke curtains.

  • 2016


    -Foundation of LWC Metal;
    -New manufacturing facility for natural smoke ventilation daylight systems, in Portugal

  • 2018


    -New shareholders structure and rebranding of TESTA Group.
    -Acquisition of PORSEG, the leading Portuguese producer of metal fire doors.
    -TRIA builds a new-state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for metal fire doors, Portugal.
    -Foundation of KOR.

  • 2019


    -Foundation of BACH Portugal;
    -New manufacturing facility for fire and smoke curtains;
    -TRIA‘s new manufacturing facility for timber fire doors, in Portugal.

  • 2020


    -Foundation of TRIA International, a German based company.

  • 2021


    -Foundation of TRIA France and TRIA Spain;
    -Acquisition of Macorlux, Portuguese wholesale leader in the household appliances market;
    -TESTA acquires a stake in Breeds, a Brazilian company.

  • 2022


    -Foundation of FOX FIT-OUT;
    -Foundation of WEBELEC;
    -Acquisition of SOREFOZ, a leading company in the wholesale distribution of home appliances, telecommunications, and microinformatics.

  • 2023


    -Foundation of AODACi.

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