Quake – Lisbon Earthquake Centre

At the Quake entrance we can read the phrase “Expect the unexpected”, and the unexpected was translated into an immersive experience that takes us to Lisbon in 1755 and to one of the events that defined the architecture and urbanism of the city: the Lisbon earthquake.

It was a great honor for us to be part of this fantastic project, in collaboration with our client Tecnovia SGPS, where our fire-rated metal doors, Plano and M Series, and wooden doors were staged to take us back to the 18th century.

Quake teaches us the valuable lesson that the best way to predict the future, regarding these natural phenomena, is to invest in preparation and prevention, namely in the area of ​​the construction of our buildings.

We thank Tecnovia SGPS, for the trust and the entire Quake team for welcoming us.