social & environmental responsability

The commitment to social and environmental responsibility is intrinsically
linked to the ethical responsibility of the Group’s companies in any country
in which we operate. Protecting the environment comes first hand by
respecting the natural resources we use to manufacture our products.

Our social responsibility involves ensuring the integrity and respect of people
in our workplace. We have zero tolerance for unethical, dishonourable
behaviour that undermines any human right.

commitments 2

Our strategy is to continuously improve the Management System
through the long-term sustainable development of our companies,
assuming the following commitments:


– Promote the motivation and effective and visible involvement of people through the participation and consultation of employees and stakeholders;
– Ensure compliance with conformity obligations, namely customer requirements, applicable legal requirements and others underwritten within the scope of the activity.

health and safety:

– Assume as a priority the safety and health protection of employees, eliminating the dangers and reducing the risks associated with the activities carried out and investing in the prevention of accidents ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.

good practices:

– Commitment to a diverse workforce, encouraging the professional development of women in all positions and at every level of the organization;
– Maintain a positive and productive work environment, encouraging initiative and teamwork, in which employees are fully involved to achieve the organizations goals;
– Promote professional training and the development of technical expertise;
– Achieve quality through prevention, avoiding extra costs due to errors and reworks;
– Understand the current and future needs of our customers, meet their needs and make an effort to exceed their expectations, investing in continuous research for products and solutions with a high degree of reliability and innovation.


– Protect the Environment, preventing pollution and minimizing the consumption of electric power and waste generated, whenever possible, and prioritizing recovery over disposal;
– The conduct of the supplying companies, as well as of their employees, must be oriented towards maximum respect for the environment and for the safety rules at work;
– Companies supplying the TESTA Group must comply with the legislation in force with regard to the management of non-reusable packaging waste.

With dedication and strong commitments we trace the history and future of our organization.